SELAMAT is a network organisation that brings together stakeholders dealing with food production from Europe and Asia to share methodology, expertise, knowledge and policy developments related to food production with emphasis on food safety, food quality and related issues.

Subjects of mutual interest in relation to research, development, training and trade in this area are:

  1. Certification & Normalisation (i.e. open exchange of methods, new detection methods, risk assessment).
  2. Sustainable production systems for food safety (i.e. unintended effects, public perception transparency).
  3. Trade issues (i.e. market stability, traceability).

New Course: Validation of chemical methods for residue analysis

Location: Wageningen,
The Netherlands
Dates: May 26th & May 27th
Course leader: Bjorn Berendsen,PhD

Our approach
Wageningen Academy organizes this course in cooperation with RIKILT, in order to offer you the latest insights and best practices in the validation of chemical methods for residue analysis.


Selamat flyer 2013 (English)

Flyers in other languages can be found at the Publications page.

Founding members

The SELAMAT platform consists of the SELAMAT consortium (IBET and RIKILT) and its members, the overall coordinator is Dr. H. Marvin (RIKILT).

Self-help food safety network

This is a self-help food safety network where members aspire to assist one another recognising the advantages of working together on common goals.